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Kantor Pusat Jakarta

Nama/Cabang  :  Kantor Pusat Jakarta
Telephone  :  021-6332162
FAX  :  021-6332163
Email  :
Sarana/Prasarana  :  - Air Blast freezer kap. 3 ton/shift (1 unit),
     - Reefer Container 40 ft (1 unit),
     - Unit Pengolahan Ikan (1 unit).
Jenis Produk/Aktifitas 
 Produk Olahan Ikan Fish Jelly (Bakso, Sosis, Otak-otak,Stik Ikan , Kaki naga)




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    Hi I would like to say thanks to the blog administrator for posting these details. This can be very much helpful for the people like me who are new to this city and don`t know the address of important places in Jakarta.

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